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About Ra Racers

About Ra Racers


In Business since 1977 

Ra Racers has been in the pinewood derby car business since 1977. We are the inventors of the RA Racer™ Wheel, Axel Slot and Pre-cut car shapes. 

Unique Wheel Design


The distinctive copyrighted design of the RA Racer™ wheel is the USP of our product line. The matchless design of wheels helps us in building the fastest pinewood derby cars.

Excellent Customer Service


At Ra Racers™, we believe that it is our superior customer service that has helped us to sustain ourselves in this line for business for more than four decades now.

We the Innovators

The Ra Racers™ team always wanted a racer kit that we could call our own. That is why instead of using Boy Scout products, we have innovated and designed car parts.

If you are looking for fast pinewood derby cars with unique features, and that are also easy to install, then contact us today!