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Welcome to RA Racers pinewood derby car ™

Unique Innovations and Designs

The most important part of our new race car kit is the unique copyrighted design of the RA Racer™ Wheel. One of our founder members - Garvice Key Hill designed them. They are the fastest wheels on the track.

Axle Slot is another innovation of Ra Racers™. It has been copied by pinewood derby kit makers across the country. The slot was invented in 1978. It made wheel alignment easier and the cars faster. 

The 1980s brought another innovation for RA Racers™ - the Pre-cut Car Shape. All other pinewood derby kit manufacturers have followed our footsteps, and they too produce our pre-shaped kits.

At RA Racers™, we have taken a pledge that we will continue to create products like the wheel mounting block and others, to make sure that every time you go out shopping for pinewood derby car kits, you choose us!

We are known for delivering products on time. RA Racers™.

Contact us to learn more about our pre-cut kits and pinewood derby car accessories.